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A good criminal defense lawyer has an in-depth understanding of the law and the direct punishments people face when they are charged with a crime, including prison, jail, probation conditions and fines. A better criminal defense lawyer has the experience to understand how a criminal conviction can affect a client for the rest of his or her life.

As an attorney with almost 30 years of legal experience, Kenneth R. Kratz has spent his career advocating on behalf of the people of the state of Wisconsin on both sides of the criminal justice system, handling both serious felony crimes and misdemeanor offenses. For most of his legal career, Ken served as elected District Attorney near Appleton, trying some of the most serious and high-profile cases in state history. Now in private practice, attorney Kratz applies his decades of criminal law experience to aggressively represent persons charged with crimes, both small and large.

Attorney Ken Kratz served over 25 years as a district attorney, which obviously gives him legal experience and perspective that few lawyers in Wisconsin have. We are proud to apply Ken's years of experience to help our clients protect their rights — and maintain their freedom. Call our firm's Washington County office at 262-334-2400 for a free consultation.

Aggressive Felony And Misdemeanor Criminal Defense In Wisconsin

When people are charged with a crime, whether an OWI, domestic violence offense, sexual assault or even a drug crime, many think only of the huge fines and serious prison or jail time they face if convicted. Most only have a general idea, however, of how a criminal conviction may affect their lives beyond that.

At the Kratz Law Firm, we know from experience that jail time and financial penalties are often only the beginning of a long chain of consequences our clients will face as a result of criminal sentencing. Applying for jobs, being approved for student loans, possessing firearms, getting new housing — all of these can be jeopardized by certain criminal convictions. For many of our clients, these "collateral consequences" can be even more serious than the fines or jail time that might also be directly imposed.

In many cases, prosecutors are open to discussing favorable plea bargains when they see that ordinary people, who may have made stupid mistakes, care about their futures. This is part of the reason we at the Kratz Law Firm spend so much time getting to know our clients and their stories; the better we understand their life situations, the better we can position them for a positive final case disposition, even if the facts of the case might seem difficult to explain at first.

Of course, we are always aggressive in defending our clients' legal rights, and therefore when the government insists on going forward with a weak case, we vigorously work to get all charges dropped completely.

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